"frost is not fate"

Mobile Frost Fan is a Portable Wind Machine

The Catch

It all comes down to efficiency. Mikrosera wind machine has 5 major points of efficiency that sets it apart from the crowd.

51. ENGINE POSITION - Engine is up in the air connected directly to the fan, eliminating the loss of power compared to systems that have engines on the ground.

2. DUCT - The duct increases the fans performance by up to 95%, eliminating the loss of power at the tip of the blades due to resistance.

3. BLOW DIRECTION - Air is sucked from behind and blown to the front. There is no obstacle in the direction of the blow, a great advantage compared to conventional fans that blow directly into its own pole.

4. STRAIGTHENING VANES - Air blown from a Mikrosera system travels in the air in a more straight way thanks to its innovative aerodynamic design.

5. CONTROL SOFTWARE - Custom build control software and a selection of standard and optional sensors enable the machine to act as a weather station for frost purposes with GSM communication for remote monitor and operate functions.

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What to Expect*

Every frost is different, so are the conditions. Information provided here describes an average incident, meaning a decent inversion layer. Actual results may sometimes be better and sometimes worse but on average this is what you should expect from your Mikrosera mobile frost fan.

If you have flat land, with 1 wind machine expect to protect on average;

  • 4 hectares of land down to -3C
  • 3 hectares of land down to -4C
  • 1 hectares of land down to -5C
  • Hard to predict below -5C

For sloped lands, the coverage area is larger since Oscillation mode does a much better job then Rotation mode in slopes. The more slope you have, the more coverage you can get with Mikrosera mobile frost fan.

* These are the average values, your actual results may vary.

Life with Mikrosera Wind Machine

After saving the expected amount of crop from the last frost, it is time to look ahead and use your Mikrosera portable wind machine in other needs around the orchard.

Mikrosera mobile wind machine is very flexible with ease of transport, ability to operate on uneven surfaces and resistance to all weather conditions.

Ease to operate and low running costs makes it a handy gadget that can be used for many other tasks. Use it whereever you need.

When not in use, you can store it away or rent it out to generate extra income. If you believe you no longer need your mobile frost fan, you can easily sell it second hand.

Bottom Line

Mikrosera mobile wind machine has the best design overall, making it an excellent and efficient tool for frost protection. The ability to use it all year long with low running costs mean fastest payback and ROI available in the market.

Mikrosera portable wind machine is suitable to use with all kinds of citrus, stone and soft fruits, berries, all kinds of vegetables and more.

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